How it works


As Guide

  • Do you know the place where you live like your pockets?
  • Want to earn extra money?
  • Want to meet new people and share the most interesting spots?

Register as Cicerone and you'll be able to guide new friends around your interesting city, let them discover places that only a Cicerone could know.

It's easy to do:
- click on “become a guide”
- fill your data
- wait a confirmation email
- set a place, an image and your hourly fee
- be ready to receive offers from visitor and define a tour with them

You don’t need to be an expert.

All you need is love for your city and passion for meeting new people.

Become a Guide


As Voyager

  • Being in a city for work, you want to make the best use of your free time?
  • Have holidays and you want to organize yourself for a tour in the city?

Register as voyager, contact the local guide (Cicerone) fulfill your needs, interests and the time you want to attend.

Let him guide you as nobody else can through the most interesting parts of the city.

Become a Voyager


How the payment works

The payment is just between the user and the Cicerone, some Cicerones are not asking money. is not getting any percentage or transaction fee.